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We pride ourselves on being one of the largest privately owned liquid/solid waste treatment and disposal service providers in the UAE. We specialise in hazardous and non hazardous waste collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of both liquid and solid. Our triple ISO certification reflects a true testament of our capabilities and professionalism that have been acquired with over three decades of dedication and excellence in serving our customers.

Since 1985, Green Mountains Environment and Transport Establishment, has provided transportation, disposal and onsite environmental services for a wide variety of clients. As pioneers and leaders in the industry offering complete waste management, we feel a professional responsibility to our clients, our neighbours, and our environment. Our dedication to customer service, technical expertise, quality performance and safety is evident in every action we take. We’re proud of our outstanding record of achievement and strive to meet our client needs by providing innovative, cost-effective solutions. Furthermore, being a locally based company we are fully aware of the rules and regulations of set by Abu Dhabi Municipality and Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center. All our equipments, vehicles and personnel are certified to handle Municipal Dry Waste, Liquid Waste and Hazardous Waste.

On our website, you’ll find a comprehensive list of our top-quality services and products for complete waste management. Browse around and call us with any questions. Or email the GMGT professional listed on each product or service page for answers to your specific questions. We’re always ready to help you!