5 Simple Steps to Safely Remove Asbestos

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5 Simple Steps to Safely Remove Asbestos

Asbestos is known as a “miracle mineral” due to its qualities like durability and resistance to fire and other chemicals. It is used in many products. However, it’s also found out that intensive exposure to asbestos can bring you illnesses, that is why you need to hire a waste management company like us, Green Mountains, that can take care of asbestos waste collection in the UAE to make sure that asbestos will cause no harm to you, your family, or your staffs.

Asbestos can usually be found in toilet seat and cistern, pipe lagging, vinyl floor tiles, cement panels, etc. And if you are planning to get rid of asbestos on your own, you must remember the risks that await you, and if possible, hire a professional to do it.

Moreover, we will tell you five simple steps on how you can eradicate asbestos from your residential or commercial place. And if you need any help, never hesitate to contact us, Green Mountains, regarding disposal waste management or asbestos waste collection, and we will gladly extend a hand to you.

First of all, you need to inspect your place for any asbestos contamination – perform a risk assessment on your property. This is crucial especially if you are planning to renovate your place because if the asbestos will be disturbed during the renovation, abatement will be implemented.

Next, if it is concluded that abatement is indeed required, the professional abatement team will now come to your place to safely remove the asbestos from your property. They must wear the right type of gears during the procedure to avoid contact with the asbestos.

Third, the technicians will need to seal off the work area with specialized sheets to make sure that asbestos fibers will not enter the air or ingested by neighboring areas. Asbestos and all other hazardous chemicals found in your place will be then packaged safely and be sent to a specialized facility for disposal.

Afterward, another test will be done – air monitoring. A consultant will come and inspect if the work is complete or if your place is ‘clear’ of asbestos and any other chemicals.

And finally, if the air clearance is done and if you passed it, only then will you be able to admit other workers or staff to the area to continue with the renovation procedures.

For preventing asbestos from coming back, regularly check if there are asbestos materials used in your place or if there is water damage anywhere. If the asbestos is concealed, avoid disturbing it in any way like cutting, sawing, sanding, drilling, etc. if you ever see asbestos dust or debris, never vacuum or sweep it. Instead, ask for professional help right away.








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