The Benefits of Waste Management to Different Countries


The Benefits of Waste Management to Different Countries

Environmental waste management, in general, is a matter that all nations must implement. All countries must conduct disposal waste management – as well as solid waste management, agriculture waste management, landscaping waste management, and hazardous waste management to ensure the sanitation of their states and the health of their citizens as well.

It is said that millions of metric tons are collected in each country – parts of it are even lost to the marine ecosystem because of the irresponsibility of individuals and countries in general. Illegal dumping or poor landfill practices contribute to this havoc.

Moreover, such acts will affect the economic growth of countries – there will be losses in tourism, healthcare, and fisheries if this continues to happen. Despite the efforts that the countries execute to keep their waste management intact, due to the growing population and waste production of the country, this might take time to successfully do.

However, if each country does take ample time to strictly apply waste management, it will have good effects in all aspects of the country’s progress.

With the right strategies, water streams will be a source of income. There actually is more gold in scraps – for example, if each country collects and sell PET bottles or the used clothing and garments to secondary markets, it will add up to their revenues and cleanse the bodies of water (from PET bottles) and solid waste ( garments ) will be reduced as well.

Countries like the Emirates can produce blankets that are made from recycled plastic bottles. If this continues, by 2019, they believe that 88 million of pet bottles will be taken away in landfills. Since we know that plastics take hundreds of years to decompose, this strategy of the Emirates is a good thing.

Sweden, for example, can generate electricity from wastes. Energy-to-waste approach has successfully produced 20% of the country’s energy requirements through burning the garbage.

Recycling is the best way to reduce wastes – Japan is the perfect exemplar of this. Their recycle rate is actually 77% – ever since 2001, recycling laws have been implemented in their country already.

With these examples, we can conclude that waste management is truly needed in each country. Aside from the fact that it can help in keeping the country clean and green, it will also benefit other aspects such as the economic, tourism, and health of the citizens.

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