Earth Day: History, Purpose, Movement

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Earth Day: History, Purpose, Movement


It was April 22, and the year was 1970 when the first Earth Day was commenced. Millions of people protested together against the industrial development that gave negative impacts on the environment for nearly 150 years.

That time, over 20 million Americans from schools and communities gathered to demonstrate peaceful reform solely for the purpose of environmental concerns. And since then, it is now observed annually and has become the largest secular holiday in the world which is celebrated by billions of people each year. It is coordinated by Earth Day Network, a non-profit organization which is led by Denis Hayes.


The purpose of the annual Earth day is to change the behavior of humans and provoke changes in the policies that involve environmental rehabilitation. It is a day for political and civic participation – wherein people will march, sign petitions, to plant trees, and clean the surroundings.

The people from the government and corporations make pledges and tell the sustainability measures that should be done, while faith leaders connect this day to protecting and taking care of the creation that God gave us.

Each year, different platforms, themes, and features are used to express a loud and clear message to the citizens of the world that we must take action to end environmental issues that is currently harming our world.

Up to date, 192 countries are observing Earth Day with the aim to fight for a clean environment with supreme urgency and priority and the goal to educate all the people in the world about the risks that are enclosed in having a damaged environment.


This year, moreover, the theme will be “End Plastic Pollution”. This April 22, 2018, Earth Day’s focus will be on creating a global effort to eradicate all the single-use plastics and inform the citizens with the impending health risks associated with plastic disposals. As well as the impairment it can give to the marine life, landfills, and landscapes.

This year’s campaign has four components namely:

1. Grassroots movement that supports the adoption of the global framework that can regulate the plastic pollution.

2. To provoke the citizens to demand their governments to lead the control and cleanup of the pollution in plastic.

3. Educate every citizen in the world about their personal responsibility for plastic pollution.

4. Promoting local efforts and regulatory efforts to treat the pollution in plastics.


UAE’s Earth Day Celebration through the Years

In 2013, 25 institutions and schools gathered together to plant 1000 trees. The next year, 2014, more than 80 schools from across the country participated in the Public Speaking competition held at eh Knowledge Village and discussed issues regarding the food wastage and pollutants in the environment. Moving further to 2015, SynergY participated and helped with setting up booths with interactive activities that raised the awareness of environmental issues and included the students for mini-educational academies aka workshops. In 2016, the historic Paris Agreement was established and the UAE signed it as well as the other countries. And last year, 2017, the Dubai Municipality organized a fun and educational event that enhanced the people’s awareness about the climate change and environmental degradation. The event had performances, workshops, and activities that were held from 4 pm to 9 pm at Kite Beach.

The UAE always make sure to deliver relevant and sensible activities each year to make the citizens be aware of the environmental issues the world has.

The Earth Day Network along with the private sectors and communities will all collaborate together to have a successful movement to fight for the environment’s restoration and rehabilitation on April 22 and for the next years to come.



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