Find out the types and sources of liquid waste, as well as how wastewater treatment is implemented by private organizations

Find out the types and sources of liquid waste, as well as how wastewater treatment is implemented by private organizations

Liquid waste is any waste that is in liquid form – it comes from almost all sector of the society. People produce tons of liquid wastes every day, hence, wastewater treatment in the UAE should be implemented constantly.

We, Green Mountains, are responsible for keeping our environment clean. We perform different waste management procedures such as paper waste management, recycling management, as well as the collection, recycling, cleaning, treatment, and environmental services. We are a private organization that treats solid and liquid waste disposal and specializing in executing extensive environmental services. Moreover, we can take care of treating wastewater all over UAE, as well.

Going back, liquid waste is divided into waste types depending on its nature and risks that it can give to humans. However, here are some types of liquid waste:

– Wastewater

– Fats, oil, or grease ( FOG )

– Used oil

– Sludges

– Hazardous household liquids

– Inorganic wastewater

– Organic wastewater

and the others.

Often, liquid wastes come from:

Residential areas – this waste is also known as domestic wastewaters. People produce it from their daily lives like in the toilet, kitchen, washing, and bathing. Basically, every liquid that you use and dispose of inside your homes are considered domestic wastewater.

Commercial areas – commercial areas like buildings, establishments, shops, markets, restaurants, cafes, etc. conduct human-related activities. The liquid wastes that come from these places are kind of similar to domestic wastewater, only, it is from commercial production and effluents that come from these places may sometimes contain high levels of oils, fats, and grease – that you don’t usually produce at home.

Industrial areas – the wastes that come from industrial areas are generated from the manufacturing or processing of different industries. Most wastewater from these places may contain chemical compounds that are harmful to humans and this requires hazardous wastewater management in order to be treated properly.

Stormwater – evidently different from residential, commercial, and industrial liquid wastes, stormwater is still a kind of wastewater because it can be contaminated with different pollutants that come from our surroundings.

How is wastewater treated?

Wastewater treatment in the UAE and in all parts of the world varies – there are different and specific treatment systems that each infrastructure implements. But often, this includes segregation, collection, treatment, storage, reuse, and disposal of the liquid wastes. If you are looking for a reliable provider of such treatment, however, we, Green Mountains can provide it for you. We will do our best to keep your residential or commercial place free of wastewater and retain its green quality.


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