Methods of Managing Municipal Solid Waste Disposal

solid waste disposal

Methods of Managing Municipal Solid Waste Disposal

There are different sources of solid wastes – if not managed appropriately, this can be a bad thing for our environment. A palpable negative impact will be seen and experienced by individuals, which is why solid waste management has an important role in making our environment clean and green.

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Specifically, each country, city or town must learn to manage their municipal waste and we will share some of the methods that you can do, in order to achieve this.

First, you should know the various sources of solid wastes:

  1. Residential places – garbage that comes from your own homes ( e.g. household items, food wastes, metals, plastics, etc. )
  2. Commercial places – buildings and facilities are other sources of solid wastes ( e.g. paper, materials, hazardous wastes )
  3. Institutional places – schools, prisons, colleges, and other institutional centres ( e.g. rubber waste, wood, electronics, etc. )
  4. Municipal services – urban centres ( e.g. street cleaning, wastewater treatment plants, landscaping wastes, etc. )
  5. Biomedical – another form of solid wastes are the ones that hospitals utilize ( e.g. syringes, bandages, gloves, chemicals, etc. )


So, how can we manage it?

– Tell the citizens to practice food waste management, you can feed your food scraps to animals or use it as a fertilizer.

– Also, give them some pointers about recycling and to have time to recycle some of your things at home – think of ways on how you can generate a new product out of your old one.

– Organize a house-to-house collection of solid wastes – you can place a central bin inside your community and ask you, residents, to put their solid wastes there, for easy collection.

– Manage and know how to separate different types of wastes ( solid, liquid, hazardous ) from one another to dispose of or make use of each according to its purpose.

– Work with recycling companies in Dubai like us, Green Mountains, to take care of your waste management – may it be solid, liquid, chemical, or any other types of wastes.



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