Most Effective Methods for Liquid Waste Disposal

liquid waste disposal

Most Effective Methods for Liquid Waste Disposal

Generally, there is a need for us to know the proper solid waste disposal and liquid waste disposal to keep the good health of humans and animals. Liquid waste has a huge amount of compounds that are dangerous – such as salt and metal. Different industries contribute to solid waste; namely, mining, metallurgical, manufacturing, and construction. These wastes are neither recyclable nor consumable. That’s why; liquid waste treatment in the UAE must be implemented immediately.

Moreover, different methods and procedures are being done now. Such as:

Dewatering and Sedimentation

Dewatering is the extraction of water to leave solid components behind. Using a sediment basin, you can easily remove other contaminants. The remaining liquid will then be neutralized chemically and filtered, to be treated further. However, this method is only used when you’re handling non-hazardous liquids.


Composting is also used in the liquid waste disposal. There are some organic liquid wastes that can be used as organic fertilizers – this is vital for the health of the soil in order to retain its nutrients, which is also essential to grow crops.

Root Zone

For the liquid wastes that come from people like bath and kitchen water sewage – it’s better to use Root Zone method. This is the most complicated technique for liquid waste management for it encompasses a lot of steps, but it’s actually the most rewarding. Before the water is transferred into a water treatment system to be recycled and used again, it needs to undergo several procedures.


Incineration is widely used nowadays, especially when the liquid waste is hazardous. Through incineration, scrap materials, rock tailings, oils, acids, slag, and other dangerous chemicals are extracted from the water, leaving it clean and fully treated before becoming ready to be recycled.

In order to protect and make sure that our health will be maintained even in the future, industries must implement proper liquid waste disposal. They can even get in touch with a waste management company which can execute related services for them. Like us, Green Mountains, we conduct the collection, recycling, cleaning, treatment, and environmental services in the UAE to keep our environment clean and green. When you need this kind of service, never hesitate to call us and allow us to sanitize your place.


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