What is Solid Waste and what are the methods of Solid Waste Management?

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What is Solid Waste and what are the methods of Solid Waste Management?

First of all, what is a solid waste? Solid waste is the tangible animal and human garbage that are discarded and deemed to be useless. This kind of waste comes from residential, commercial, and industrial activities. As we know, waste can be categorized as paper, plastic, metal, glass, and organic waste – each can be handled appropriately in different ways.

No matter what type – or its origin in that matter – wastes should be managed accordingly to keep the environment clean. That is where Solid Waste Management comes in.

Solid Waste Management is the process of controlling, treating, collecting, and disposing of solid waste in any way possible, to ensure that the public health is conserved. Solid waste disposal is done through intensive planning and administering solutions about the solid waste collection in the UAE.

There are different methods of solid waste management and these are:


This is the most common solid waste disposal method that is used today. In this method, the garbage is spread out in layers, compressed, and covered with soil. When the landfill is full, however, layers of sand, topsoil, clay, and gravel are used to fill it to prevent seepage of water.


Solid wastes are burned at high temperature. However, this does not release too much heat when burning solid waste. Usually, any individual, institutions, and municipalities do this kind of solid waste management.

Recovery and Recycling

This is also one of the most popular methods of solid waste management. In this method, solid waste is being reused instead of disposing of it. This waste is cleaned and processed before being recycled. This aims to reduce consumption of new material, energy loss, and reduction of landfills.


In composting, only the biodegradable wastes are used. Because of the lack of space in landfills, composting is done. Thus, friendly manure is formed that is good for agricultural purposes.


In pyrolysis, solid wastes are chemically burned without the presence of oxygen. The solid wastes turn into gasses, small quantities of liquid and solid residue.

Indeed, these ways of solid waste management must be implemented to keep our environment clean. You can also work with companies who provide these kinds of services for your residential or commercial place. We, Green Mountains, are responsible for this – we provide solid waste collection services, recycling, cleaning, treatment and environmental services around UAE.

We, Green Mountains, help in maintaining our environment clean and green.




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