The Common Sources of Solid Wastes

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The Common Sources of Solid Wastes

Solid wastes come from different industries. Solid waste disposal and management are important to protect our health. These procedures should be planned accordingly to guarantee good results.

Basically, solid wastes are all the wastes that come from humans and animals – those that are discarded and thought to be useless by the people or organizations. And no matter what your industry is, you must practice hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal, to guarantee the safety of all the workers inside your facilities.

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Usually, solid wastes come from different industries. Like:

Household and Municipal Waste

These are the solid wastes that come from homes, offices, stores, schools, etc. Usually, the garbage is collected by the municipal garbage collecting bins and thrown to the disposal sites.

Business or Industrial Waste

These wastes are created for industrial purposes like housekeeping wastes, packaging, food wastes and also hazardous wastes – in this, hazardous material disposal is needed.

Agriculture Waste

These wastes come from farming sites and are the residuals that come from crops, orchards, vineyards, dairies, feedlots, and farms. For example, spoiled food wastes, hazardous wastes ( pesticides ), and etc.

Biomedical Waste or Hospital Waste

Hospitals and other hospital facilities give out hazardous wastes that contain harmful chemicals that can kill organisms. Hence, these wastes require special care and treatment.

Electronic Wastes

These are commonly called as e-wastes – the ones that come from electronic devices like computers, phones, radios, cookers, washing machines, etc.

And if you need help in collecting, treating, and disposing of these wastes, contact us at the Green Mountains and we will help you out.



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