Top tips for Office Recycling in UAE

Top tips for Office Recycling in UAE

Just take a look at the produced waste in your workspace and you’ll see for yourself that it is a significant matter for us to tackle, as an experienced Sustainable Waste Management Company in UAE.

Did you actually know that a “green workspace” could possibly achieve the stage of zero to landfill? Hence, help mother earth get a small step closer to being saved…

Allow us to give you a few practical and green tips, which could be easily used for your effective office recycling and waste reducing.

1. Watch your paper consumption: the majority of your office waste consists of paper, therefore the first thing you can do would be to lower the rate of your paper consumption; the second would be a collective effort as well, where you could rid of the used papers in the so-called “repaper bin”.

2. Reduce or reuse: it’s well-known that all employees like to have themselves one, two or maybe more cups of coffee during a day at work, so if you were to have some coffee or any other beverage at work, make certain that you either use a mug of glass or a recyclable cup of paper.

3. Expand your recycling system: every great achievement begins as many small effective efforts at first, that’s the logic for your progress in recycling. You start with your paper reduction getting to the recycling of plastic, glass, bulbs, IT equipment and food. And remember that you should always be open to try other options of recycling.

4. Remove personal bins: having a personal bin is simply another source for some extra waste and you do not need this, especially during the early stages of your office waste management.

5. Move to zero-to-landfill system: even if you have a comprehensive recycling system, you are still stuck with the waste that gets sent to landfill on a weekly basis. So if you want to rid of this general waste you could check the option of sending it to be incinerated by experts.

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