Waste Management Methodology in Japan

waste management in Japan

Waste Management Methodology in Japan

Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun, is not only popular for their advanced inventions and innovations, but also because of the discipline and cleanliness of their country. In fact, the waste management methodology in Japan has been recognized by many other countries because of its effectiveness and efficiency.

As a waste management company, we, Green Mountains, are also doing our best to implement a successful waste collection in the UAE – from solid, liquid, hazardous chemicals and paper waste management. We provide collection, recycling, cleaning, treatment, and environmental services to ensure the safety and sanitation of your residential or commercial place. We aim to protect you and our environment from any harm and our goal is to sustain preeminent waste management in the UAE.

Going back to the waste management methodology in Japan, it actually starts with a highly-organized garbage disposal system and it is much more emphasized in recycling management. The collection dates are planned out well and you should only put out your garbage on the specified collection days: for non-recyclable waste, it’s collected once or twice a week but for the recyclable waste, it’s collected weekly. All people – like homeowners, landlords, and tenants must be aware of all of these key points.

The sorting in Japan is also strict – this is their ultimate solution for reducing waste that they collate each year. In fact, they ranked 8th in the world for having the most tons of waste produced and since they aren’t as big as the USA or other countries, their advanced methodology helps in their current waste management.

There are various types of garbage separation in Japan, namely:


Combustible or burnable trash is collected twice a week. This includes paper, plastic bags, wrappers, rubber, leather, tubes, and plastic containers.


Incombustible waste is the kind that can’t be burned like long plastics, ceramic wares, metals, glass, and small appliances.

Bulky Waste

This waste includes furniture, appliances or any other garbage that can’t be put inside a plastic bag.


These are PET bottles that can be recycled, and most of the time, it has a PET symbol on it.


Recyclables varies in their prefectures: paper, glass, and cans.


Another solution that Japan came up with is landfilling – in another level. If the UAE has The Palm Jumeirah, the man-made islands off the coast, Japan have successfully made their own man-made land that is filled with waste by filling an area of water with wastes and garbage like rock, cement, and dirt. And this is where Chubu Centrair International Airport and Kansai International Airport are both built on.

In addition, they also require their people to bring their own eco-bags whenever they are shopping, to reduce the usage of plastics. You will also see that their trash bins are all compounded in various bins that are labeled accordingly.

Indeed, Japan’s waste methodology is unique and effective. And we, Green Mountains, among many waste management companies in the UAE, are aiming to do the same in our own place.






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