What is the difference between sewage and sullage and how is each treated as waste management?

What is the difference between sewage and sullage and how is each treated as waste management?

With the growing population of the world, the possibility of eradicating waste completely is low; but with the help of proper waste management, disposals can be reduced and treated properly, hence, we still have a chance in making our environment a clean and healthy place.

Both liquid and solid waste management are implemented in industries, organizations, and even residential places all over the world, in hopes of reducing wastewater, solid waste, and all kinds of waste.

Moreover, we, Green Mountains, help in keeping the environment clean – we are one of the leading waste management companies in the UAE, who give services like hazardous waste management, collection services, recycling services, cleaning, and treatment services to commercial and residential places all over UAE. We, Green Mountains, try our best to make our surroundings clean, green, and sustainable as it should be.

One of our services is sewage cleaning services in the UAE. We also take care of sewage and sullage. Both almost have the same meaning but with these descriptions below, you will know the difference between the two:

What is sewage?

Sewage is another term for ‘wastewater’. It is the contaminated water that people dispose of in residential and commercial places like establishments, schools, and many more. The water comes from toilets, washers, etc. The contaminants include almost everything that can be seen on the drain. On average, each individual produces 60-100 wastewater (sewage) every day and sewers are responsible for treating this sewage in sewage treatment plants.

How is it treated?

There are 4 steps in treating sewage:

1 – Screening, wherein large contaminants are removed out of the water/

2 – Primary Treatment, wherein the separation of human waste is removed from the sewage.

3 – Secondary Treatment, wherein the wastewater is put into larger tanks and breaks down the tiny sludge and bacteria that still inhibit the wastewater.

4 – Final Treatment, the ‘treated’ water goes through the settlement tank wherein sludge, chemicals, and bacteria are permanently removed from it and it flows again to the river.

What is sullage?

This is a term that describes the wastewater. Often, it is also called ‘gray water’ and in simpler terms, sullage is the leftover water that humans use inside their homes except for the toilet.

How is it treated?

The sullage can be treated through coagulation, filtration, and disinfection. This treatment is ideally used in hotels, institutions, and even hospitals. Through treating sullage, the usage of public water will be avoided; hence, losses of water can be avoided as well.

Indeed, hazardous material disposal, wastewater, solid, and liquid waste management can be treated through proper procedures and we, Green Mountains, can help you with any of these. Contact us anytime and we will gladly extend our help to you.






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